How To Add Visual Appeal To A Room Using Accessories

The addition of accessories and fixtures to a room can drastically change the look of a room and help complement the design and aesthetics of the room. More often, the accessories showcased represent the designers or owner’s personality and taste. These can vary from various antiques, wall art, lighting fixtures and sculptures to collectibles. Find below some ways in which you can design your home with the use of accessories.

Representation of your personality
The best way to make your room look unique is through your personal belongings. Accessories that are personally picked by you will make everything in your home to eventually fall in to place and an environment that speaks for you. Unlike a home renovation in Singapore, the décor inside a home can be created to entirely suit your style and personality. If you have any hidden collections and keepsakes that you have locked away in an unseen place, it is time to take them out for all to see.

Style of the room
When it comes to decorating a room with accessories, one of the key factors to consider are the constraints of the room. For example, Scandinavian interior design would entail using heavy fabrics and furniture however, using such accessories on a minimalistic and contemporary room setting will deem out of place and inappropriate. The point of using accessories will be to enhance and complement the existing aesthetic of the room.

Explore display options
This would mean that you consider the various places in which you can display certain accessories. For example, if you want a fine wall art to grab the main attention of the room, then hanging it above the fireplace and arranging the furniture and objects accordingly. This will draw attention on to the wall art highlighting on the design aspects of the room.

Grouping of objects
This brings about the use of groupings to create more significance to what might otherwise be small and diminutive accessories. Some of the guidelines include use of symmetry consistently and appropriately. If you over do your symmetry, this would sometimes send out a formal feel, so use symmetry where appropriate. Objects and accessories with a common element should be grouped together, for example photo frames. It would add to the visual appeal if you make the photo frames identical.

Choosing colours
Colours undoubtedly complement the design of the room and a design tip when choosing colours is contrasting colours will instantly create a dramatic effect with a visual eye catching pop. Monochromatic colours tend to create calmer and softer effects to the room’s design.