Simple Ways To Make Your Hair Curls Last Long

Oh how we adore those amazingly beautiful, perfectly bouncy curls. But there’s something better than that. Amazingly beautiful, perfectly bouncy curls that stay that way all day! In this article, we are will discuss our all-time favorite tricks and tips on maintaining curls to keep them flawless all day!

Cool them down
One of the smartest tricks to get your waves and curls to stay that way is to give the waves a chance to cool down and set before releasing it. Take each curl and secure it with a bobby pin. How is this done? As you wrap a strand of your hair around the hair curler, heat of the curling iron is transmitted onto the hair strands, which is then gives the wavy shape. So once your wave is cooled, it will make the waves last for much longer than usual. If you don’t have sufficient energy to sit tight 10-15 minutes for the waves to set, secure them with bobby pins and blow dry with cold air.

Use heat friendly hair products
Help your waves! Always remember to apply hair care products, which will help the waves stay that way for longer. Depending what suits the texture of your hair, apply a some hair cream or mousse before you start styling, or basically splash hairspray once you are down styling. Remember to use a heat friendly organic shampoo in Malaysia if you use the hair iron or the curler too often to minimize damage.

Get the right tools
For quite a long time, you may have felt that your hair is ‘dead straight’ and that ‘your waves won’t last more than 20 minutes’. You will feel that was until you stop using shabby, rollers you buy off a drugstore. Once you change to better quality, higher-end irons, will you understand that the issue isn’t with your hair – it’s with what you’ve been using all this time! Yes, they might be more costly, nonetheless, they cause less damage and style better. Not to mention how long you could use these for.

Tong is important
Tong size is in reality is important. It’s anything but difficult to assume that a bigger tong is the thing that will give you those hot Victoria Secret waves. Nonetheless, we have figured out that more often than not, a smaller tong will do the job.

Still not working?
Well, sweetie, this is an indication that your hair needs some love. Excessively damaged hair doesn’t curl right. There’s no way out but to shower some love.