Evolution Of Printing

Printing can be defined as a process where text, images or symbols is reproduced on a specific surface. Printing started ages ago that its history is very long. It all started with cylinders being rolled over clay to imprint certain messages. Which even before Christ but it wasn’t until the 2nd century that paper was invented for printing to occur as it is now in the modern world. With time, printing evolved in to various methods. A block of wood is carved in to the manner in which the print needs to be. In other words the image that needs to be printed is embed on the block of wood. Later this block is inked and pressed on which ever paper needs the print.

Later other printing machines were invented for newspapers and book printing. Metal plates was used for printing at one point in time and later on from manual methods of printing machines were built where a large quantity of papers could be printed at once. If you are interested about prototyping services you can visit this website http://3dmatters.com.sg/consulting.html.

With advent of computers it was easier design of what needed to be printed. Before it was not easy to print whatever we wanted due to lack of tech but today with time and its advancement we have come to a point where we can not only see and touch print but also print objects. The best 3D printer in Singapore can build big objects while a commercial printer will give you normal 3d printing services. Who knew that from a period where printing was done by carving block of wood to today being able to create that block of wood through a printer itself? Although it is still being developed it can only print out of certain materials but in years to come we might even see printed buildings and what not. This will change the reality of production of all things in the future. What should we do as a society? Well, we should be ready to embrace this change or else it will be really difficult.

The only backlash that has come to printing is the fact that people slowly moving on to becoming digitalized. People read less books and newspapers that printing business are slowly going out of demand. If not for these new researches printing will slowly become absolute. Although we still see printed banners and billboards but you can see that some billboards are becoming screens where videos are run. Everything changes with time and foreseeing these advancements is what keeps industries and companies to thrive and move forward. I only hope whatever happens the sense of humanity will always not change.